Vinyasa Flow

connecting movement with your breath

in a nice flow. open class all level welcome to join : )

Vinyasa Flow 2

this classes are not for beginners you should  have a regular practice already to get the most fun out of it. There are less instructions

to keep the flow nice and easy.

Yin Yoga

it's all about getting a nice deep facial stretch the asanas are hold for a longer period - great for everyone who wants to increase flexibility or is looking for recovery.

Good morning Yoga

beautiful way to start your day.

gently stretching and wakening your body and mind. mostly hatha.


this is for you if you want to learn the very basics of yoga from Asana and correct alignment  to Pranayama (breath work)

Ashtanga inspiration

getting in touch with the primary Ashtanga Series. We do take our time to explain the Asanas